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Thirst For Life


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Egypt to South Africa


2021 - 2022


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1000 Water Stations

Project Descriptions  Nanofilter - We provide safe and clean drinking water using our innovative water filter (Nanofilter). Our co-founder innovated the Nanofitler that won several prizes as presented in our website Nanofilter is now commercialized and is available in the market for direct sale and through established water stations run by local entrepreneurs. The water stations are sponsored by the UK Gov (DFID/HDIF) 1.ProjectCountry : TanzaniaShort description: Adoption of Low-cost sustainable water filters (Nanofilter®) for purifying drinking water at point of use (POU) for underserved community in Arusha RegionThe Nanofilter® innovation recently received global recognition after winning the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation 2015, sponsored by The British Royal Academy of Engineering     ( africa-32973591). The Company has developed the business in the initial phase through different strategic global partners

  • The plan is to put 1,000 water stations; The capacity of each filter is 20 liters per hour
  •   Water stations will be the property of Gongali Model (Gongali Model will service them)
  •   The local entrepreneurs / Franchisees shall pay USD 45 per month
  • Breakeven will be achieved in one year’s time
  • The minimum selling price to consumers will be USD 0.05 per liter of water
  Startupdate : since 12th May 2014Phase : pilot phase started by personal fund then USD 10,000 from USADF/YALI for water stations. Now, with the funding from HDIF, the business is at the growth phase but the HDIF funding ended in April 2019. 
  1. Funding gap: Project Budget
Amount budgeted : $100,000 for 100 small water stations or 10 big stations with 5x higher capacityOwn contribution :  NegociableAsked external financing amount: (*)$100,000  for 100 waterstations (or 1,000 $ per waterstation)External financing form : preferably donations, but is willing to negotiate forParticipation by loanParticipation in capitalEntry on corporate bondsProposed term of repayment :  As the local entrepreneurs repay = $ 45 per month; Gongali Model can pay back 100% of this funds within 18 months to 2 years.  
  1. Elaboration of the plan
Market study conducted: yesSwot analysis conducted : yes Business plan: yes detailed: +-Financial plan worked out:  no (*) detailed: no. AVAILABLE  
  1. Socio-economic and social impact
Main objective: This invention should help the 70% of households in Tanzania that do not have clean drinking water.Taken together, devices that can be used to treat water at home and/or at the purification site are referred to as point-of-use (POU) technologies. These devices offer a solution in areas where a centralized system is not available or ineffective.  Employment: the company has 75 direct employeesThe innovation implementation strategy encompasess the following key activities:    
  • Manufacturing of 100 water stations
  • Recruitment and training of 100 local entrepreneurs / Franchisees
  • Establishment, operation and maintenance of 100 water stations
  • Revenues collection and management
  • Supervision and Quality assurance
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting
     Environmental conservation/improvement: As required by WHO Standards, the Nanofilter® “selectively” removes 99.999% of contaminants from water, including bacteria, viruses, and chemical contaminants (of any category).    Sustainability: the UK's Royal Academy of Engineering : "His innovation could change the lives of many Africans, and people all over the world." The water filter invention is welcomed by the Tanzania government because it contributes to the National Vision 2025, the Big Results Now (BRN), and it is goal number 7 in the New Sustainable Development Goals.  Project Beneficiaries Nanofilter - We already sold to 1,003 customers and benefit more than 300,000 people; 127 employees - including households and schools; we are now establishing 127 water stations; our target is to spread to other countries in Africa and beyond.   We have experience of working on water treatment for more than 5 years. Many schools and institutions have received our service of water survey and treatment - our experience on this have become a solution to many people. We worked with different schools like: