Dear Customers, partners, mentors, colleagues and friends

I am pleased to welcome all of you who have followed our work in good times and in better times over the last years of our operations.
Throughout the years, we have aspired to fulfill our Mission of providing appropriate technologies and impact millions of lives. Through your cooperation, one of our technologies Nanofilter has impacted Hundred thousands of lives with our Motto ”Clean and safe water for all” and Youth empowerment on Entrepreneurship in clean and safe water services. We have developed new products, new materials, as well as invested in technology and knowledge in order to provide our users with the best care and perfected solutions.
In the context of balancing impact and Sustainability we have developed business Models that touch everyone in the Economic Pyramid. We work with commercial partners, Governments, individual well-wishers and NGO’s. Join us and enjoy the joy of engaging in very impactful business.
Ruth Elineema
CEO, Gongali Model co. ltd.