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Thirst for Life is a campaign to install 1000 life-saving Nanofilter kiosks across Africa. The multi-award-winning, African-invented Nanofilter uses nanotechnology to remove 99.999% of contaminants from water. Your donation will help build a kiosk that will serve 100 families currently drinking dirty water every day. To hit our goal of impacting 100,000 families, we’re partnering with ultrarunner Veronique Bourbeau as she runs 13000km down the entire African continent – 300 marathons in a year.


In Tanzania, the home of Nanofilter, 70% of people struggle to access safe drinking water (WHO Report, 2012). The devastating consequence is that waterborne diseases often lead to illness and untimely death, especially in children under five. Globally, unsafe water causes 830,000 deaths due to diarrhoea alone. Every one of these deaths is a tragedy, and each is entirely preventable.


Nanofilter, invented in Tanzania, is an African solution to an African problem. It has won 19 international awards (WHO etc.) and already brings safe water to 1000s of families. Your support will allow us to help more. Kiosks are run by local entrepreneurs who sell clean water to their community at a price 5-10 times cheaper than bottled water. The solution is a win-win: a community gains access to safe water & an entrepreneur, almost always a woman, can support her family financially.

Long-Term Impact

A Nanofilter kiosk promotes sustainable development by addressing two key challenges: access to water and employment. Our 1000 kiosks will not only protect 100,000 families from waterborne illnesses & provide employment for 1000 entrepreneurs, but they will also stop women & children walking an average of 6km each day to collect water [World Vision Report]. This is a holistic approach to development: empowering women, promoting economic growth, and reducing illness.

Additional Documentation

This project has provided additional documentation in a Microsoft Word file (projdoc.doc).


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