The History - Background information: The idea came after Hilonga met Prince Adrew at Backingham Palace - London

How did it all start? Background Information from 4th Dec 2015

Dr. Askwar Hilonga has submitted a brief proposal about this centre to HRH. The proposal demonstrates Hilonga's passion to take the Inspirations and Empowerment he got from HRH The Duke of York, Prince Andrew - an inspiration that began with Hilonga winning the first Pitch@Palace Africa in London on 2nd Dec 2015 and Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation (APEI) sponsored by The Royal Academy of Engineering.

Hilonga was also highly inspired by The Richest Man in Africa - Mr. Aliko Dangote and the former president of Nigeria, His Excellence Obasanjo. These did not give Hilonga a direct promise to support the center, but they showed willingness..........! Hilonga is making follow-up; and is determined to build the centre by using a POWERFUL and so famous Dangote Cement.

Photo: Hilonga being "sand-witched" between Dangote on extreme right and HE Obasanjo in white robe

During his second visit in London (8th Sept 2016), The Duke of York challenged Hilonga to specify what young Africans actually need! The conversation landed on a new horizon - The Duke of York proposed the establishment of Inspire & Empower Centres across Africa - far beyond Hilonga's imagination! The concept is highly supported by Hilonga's partners and sponsors, particularly the APEI Head Judge Mr. Malcom Brinded.


The issue of unemployment among University graduates has been a major challenge in Tanzania. The education system creates a seed of mindset to Students of; "get education with good grades, and then get employment." In a recently published paper 2016 - "Higher Education System and Jobless Graduates in Tanzania" Lyata Ndyali found that there is a mismatch between teaching in the institutions of learning and the needs of the labour market.

"Most youth have no skills employable. Skills requirement in the labour market not compatible with skills supply as a result, we have a mismatch of skills. Global labour market competitiveness: increases use of advanced technology and ICT which replaces labour.......Others are altitude of youth towards work; insufficient business and entrepreneurship development services. Promote the goal of decent and productive employment for youth as a national priority; promote access to employment opportunities and resources by the vulnerable and marginalised population -youth, women and people with disability."

According to report released by the World Bank in 2013 (Jacques Moriesset), "The size of Tanzania's youth, which almost doubled from 4.4 million in 1990 to 8.1 million in 2010, is expected to swell to 11 million by 2020 and 15 million by 2030".

Since Tanzania is aspiring to build an industrial economy ("uchumi wa viwanda"), the practical solution being promoted by Dr.Hilonga and supported by HRH and other sponsors deserve undivided attention. This will stir young graduates to embark on small industries that later on can be vehicles for industrialization. HRH Centre will inspire and empower the youths to refrain from being mere job seekers; they should create innovative business for job creation for themselves and for others.

BREAKING NEWS from London - 1st Dec 2015: Hilonga is the winner of Pitch@Palace African - The most TALENTED African Entrepreneur

In his brief thankful note Hilonga quoted the Bible Psalms 113: 7, 8. Because he felt that GOD has fulfilled his promise to raise him from poverty and make him stand with the PRINCE!

The initiative of the 3 GREAT DIGNITARIES:

1. The Duke of York, UK

2. Africa's Richest Man Aliko Dangote

3. Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo

The great three have joined forces to launch the African Entrepreneurship Programme (AEP), aimed at developing Africa's private sector and stimulating innovation across the continent. Obasanjo and Dangote will provide ongoing support for young businesses and entrepreneurs selected by the programme. The AEP is a joint initiative of the Duke of York's Pitch@Palace and The Global African Investment Summit (TGAIS), and supports African entrepreneurs and young businesses in need of capital and mentorship by connecting them with potential investors.

This year 2015, TGAIS allowed young AEP entrepreneurs and startups to showcase their business ideas to potential investors, with the five most talented entrepreneurs chosen (out of 300 applicants) to present their business proposals to an audience of potential investors and mentors at a Pitch@Palace event in London on December 1.

After the 5 AEP entrepreneurs presented, the overall winner was announced to be Dr. Askwar Hilonga from Gongali Model, Tanzania.

WINNER of Pitch@Palace Global

Finally, Dr. Askwar Hilonga emerged an overall winner of the Pitch@Palace Global in London UK, after competing with other winners from their respective continents for the final Global winner. This is recognition for his innovation that promises low-cost Nanofilter Water filter that absorbs anything from drinking water up to 99.999%. Last year, Dr. Hilonga laid a track record after being announced an overall winner of the award namely "The Most Talented African Entrepreneur" in Pitch@Palace Africa. The event is organized by His Royal Highness The Duke of York, Prince Andrew.


There are many testimonials on how youth around the world are getting excited (and engaged) by Hilonga's inspirational success story. Here are selected examples (one local and the other from Paris): 1. Gadiel: From Tanga, Tanzania I am Stanley Gadiel, from Tanga. First, I would love to congratulate you and your family for such Invention and the Book. I have read the book and the truth is that!!! the book is of utmost important at this era in Tanzania and Africa at large and that's say it has to reach great number as possible using what I can call ''Gongali Model Mobile Class-GMC''.

Thank you for the ''Inspiration''.

Why I think I might join your team? It is because I applied for the post of field supervisor-Sales and Marketing but I again I would love to share with you the Strategic plan on how to implement ''Gongali Model Mobile Class''-Waiting for your Approval to Prepare one. Thank you once again.

2. Anais Auvray: From Paris

Dear Askwar, Hujambo! Habari gani?:) My name is Anais, French by birth, African at heart. :) At the moment, I am living in Paris and I am currently looking for a job but I plan to move to London by the end of September to find a job there.

I was at the Convergences World Forum today and had the chance to first, attend the same conference as you ("Zero poverty question, How to eradicate poverty in Africa by 2030?), listen to your inspiring intervention and get your business card and second, to finally attend your presentation as I was curious to know a little bit more about your project. I give myself permission to contact you for the following reason. I don't know if it is a coincidence or dumb luck but a few days ago I decided to create a blog to raise awareness about the problem of youth unemployment in Africa and how to tackle it.

Basically, my point is to give an overview of youth unemployment on the continent, country by country as well as the main reasons for but also and more importantly to show that there are different ways to tackle it and that Africa is a continent of opportunities with a dominant young population in need of adequate support and tools to seize them (if not already you did).

Therefore, I also want to give examples of and promote:

1) any program erected in African countries that aims at helping youth to have a better access to education/job and/or fulfill their ambitions (whether it is to support them in creating a new business, receiving different kinds of professional training to acquire the skills required for available employment opportunities, etc),

2) any project/startup undertook/set up by African youth themselves and that aims at supporting their community and ensuring sustainable development in their country - broadly speaking. ..........I was wondering if you would be keen to participate and if

I could contact you in a few weeks (or months depending of my efficiency! :D) to send you a few questions or, depending of where you are, arrange a Skype meeting? Ahsante sana! Kind regards, Anais Auvray

............. THE END OF THE RIGHT COLUMN - MORE CAN BE FOUND ON and on media at large (google search, facebook, twitter, Youtube, etc).............






The Mandela Washington Fellowship is the flagship program of the President's Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and embodies President Obama's commitment to invest in the future of Africa. The first class of Mandela Washington Fellows arrived in June 2014 for six weeks of intensive executive leadership training, networking, and skills building, followed by a Presidential Summit in Washington, DC. Through this initiative, young African leaders are gaining the skills and connections they need to accelerate their own career trajectories and contribute more robustly to strengthening democratic institutions, spurring economic growth, and enhancing peace and security in Africa. For more information Click here

The program involved industrial visit and exposure to various US entities. The participants did not remain the same!


It was such a beautiful and golden opportunity for the CEO of Gongali Model to hug with Michelle Obama, the first lady of the United States of America. For us this is both an appreciation for our previous success and a BOOST for brighter future! TRULY, WE WILL NOT LET DOWN SUCH A TRUST THAT IS PUT UPON US!


Ruth was awarded certificate for successfully completing YALI Training - Now she's a "Certified" Leader!

She has access to YALI's GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES: Networking, further training, mentoring, grants, etc

...........This is what we posted before Ruth went for YALI.........


The Director of GONGALI MODEL is selected to represent Tanzania in Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) to be held in USA from 14th June to 31st July in USA. This is Present Baraka Obama's initiative to EMPOWER Young Africans for Africa. GONGALI MODEL's Director passed a very fierce competetion by standing with ideas and tangible outcomes that are the core mission and vision of GONGALI MODEL. Thanks to all who made our vision and mission a reality!

What should be expected

YALI promised training, networking with potential partners/investors and future mentoring. This is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for GONGALI MODEL to grow to the next stage

...........THE END OF YALI REPORT.............................



Both slush and TANZICT were completely new things to me when I saw a call for application from TANZICT. I considered it an opportunity since I was struggling looking for mentors and advisers to help us take our business to the next level. Our product "an integrated Nanofilter" was very much advertised and we a pulled to expand so fast, I needed a mentor. Surprisingly Slush became more than I expected. It was a meeting full of very relevant people for startups. Fellow startups-sharing stories gives techniques and motivates, The investors and other stakeholders- people who are really dedicated and experienced to work with startups! It was great.


Since I did not have much information about slush, my main goals were to make 3 strong and relevant contacts. The three could be Mentors, advisers, partners or Angel investors in the areas of Design and business.

What happened:

It was more than I expected.I came to know about a number of hubs that are available within my country, I was so excited and started to connect with the people that we speak the same language. I connected with Collins from DTBI, am potential to join his lab and get mentorship from within. Day one at Helsinkl and the sauna experience: The sauna experience- I loved it. Beurocracy is one of the big challenges faced by small businesses and startups in Tanzania. I considered Sauna as one of the best ways to breaking such. As a lecturer in business management I am thinking of what kind of Sauna like event we can make in Tanzania to reduce beaurocracy.

Pitching coaching:

It is one of the best memories I will Cherish in my Pitching journey. Starting from the pitching sessions at Buni, practice and coaching in Helsink, it has changed my way of introducing myself and my business. Now I am coaching my team.


Being in a place with 15,000 people, there were so many people to interact with, and I tried my best to use the networking techniques introduced to us at the Vertical session to ensure I interact and use my time wisely with relevant people.


1. Networking: I shared around 40 business cards, strategically shared. I have started receiving emails from different connections and hope I will receive even more, and the best ones will mature. I have connected with Aalto team that had already started some work on water issues in Tanzania, there is potential for partnership especially on design. I might need TANZICT'S support to make this a reality.

2. Meeting investors: Through the match making tool I had a meeting with one Angel investor. We had a talk for 1hr and 30 minutes VS the 30 minutes normally scheduled time. This was a great success. Thanks for the pitching coaches, Teemu and whole, and the coaches in Finland. The progress is very good with this investor, We are now sharing more details.

3. Interview with News reporter in Finland: Thanks to Teemu, Venla and everyone, the article that appeared on the Finnish Embassy's website drew the attention of the news reporter who interviewed us on the first day of Slush. I explained my goal for slush and I hope it will expose my news in Finland and some potential connections will result from there.

4. Learnings: I learnt a lot, all sessions were so relevant. The pitches, ecosystems, Investor panels taught the best goals to set for my organization after hearing what investors are looking for. Knowledge on the different categories of investors i.e Venture capital, Angel investors and impact investors. Great exposure a nd leaning.


My thanks go to the TANZICT team for making it possible for me to attend such a wonderful event, one of the most relevant for startups ever attended. Thanks to the whole team, my apartment mates, the Aalto team that was very close to us!! The Embassy team, and our Tanzania Government delegation. It was great meeting each of the smart brains.


I had an imagination of the previous networking conferences I attended, BUT Slush proved to be different. So many people but all aiming at something similar, very focused audience with well organized programs in a way that you get what you want. It is one of the best networking meetings I ever attended. It was so motivating exchanging ideas with fellow startups; you speak same language and related challenges with different ways of solving the challenges. Meeting with Investors, partners and agencies who really have a heart to work with startups! People who value your work as a startups, a lot of Congratulations for a good job, it added my fuel and am very much motivated. The challenges are a stepping stone for me now. I would encourage startups, if you are looking for something to get you from where you are to another step in any angle- Slush is the event to attend! I loved it! Please utilize the opportunities very well! Work on all information you receive from the organizing committee. Book your meetings earlier-it is very important. I will always cherish the memories of my Slush experience.


Tanzania at Slush: "We have a lifesaving product"

For details Click here

Ruth Elineema Lukwaro is the co-founder of Gongali Model Company. She started the company with her husband who holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering. The company's purpose is to turn local innovations into profit-making social enterprises. Ruth wants to use her education to benefit rural Tanzania and the youth. Both Ruth and her husband grew up in remote Tanzanian villages. For their higher education, the couple moved to South Korea to study. That is where the idea of the company sparked. "We started thinking what we are bringing home from South Korea. If with my Masters in Business Management I cannot start a business that benefits the struggling communities, then who do we expect to bring change?" Ruth explains. "And for my husband, if with all the publications he has, if none can solve the challenges of our own real problems, we should never expect Africa to rise", she continues.

The couple returned to Tanzania with their two children in 2012. The biggest problems they faced were contaminated water and the lack of electricity. As their first step, they started selling solar lanterns. In May 2015, Gongali Model Company was registered. One of the most successful innovations of the company is an integrated water filtration system. It removes all types of contaminants and can filter 10 litres in one hour. Filters are vended to local entrepreneurs who then well the safe water to the villagers. The price of the water is one tenth of the commercial alternative.

To engage university students and graduates, Gongali Model Company offers them communications stipends to engage with the local entrepreneurs. The purpose is to get the students to interact with the local community and make them think of their way to help the communities. At Slush Ruth wishes to meet other social entrepreneurs, especially those working with clean water and youth empowerment to network and learn from them. Ruth is also in search for partner: "There is potential in Africa. We have a lifesaving product and we want to reach as many people as possible. Welcome, let's do it together!"

............END OF PREPARATION FOR SLUSH FINLAND 2015................. Working with the Local Community WHILE empowering the young Tanzania elites (College and University students and graduates) is the unique competitiveness of GONGALI MODEL.

The Vice President of The General Conference of The SDA Church, Pastor G.G. Mbwana

He inaugurated the first building under the GONGALI MODEL and encouraged the Gongali Community to implement its BIG VISION. In the video you may also notice something about the current environmental condition of Gongali! GEO & the "WHOLE" Gongali Community, SDA Church, Tanzanian Local Government, Institutions, and other organizations will jointly participate to INTERVENE the environmental degradation in Gongali. At present you can see the dusty grounds and the "nakedness" all over!!!

You or your institution can be our next PARTNER

You can JOIN us to be our PARTNER if you (and/or your institution) are interested to work with us in one way or another

Opening Ceremony of Edith Gvora High School-Gongali

At his turn to speak, Engineer Alan Roy explained the reason for the name Edith Gvora: "You may be wondering so let me tell the story of how we chose the name of the school. Edith Gvora is the wife of Mr Tony Gvora from Victoria, Canada. She passed away one year ago. Mr. Gvora wanted to show not only his deep love for his wife Edith but his appreciation of her life of humanitarian work, so the result is this wonderful school named in memory of her. Next year you may be able to meet Mr. Gvora when he comes to visit a class in progress. And we know that he will be very impressed not only with the quality of these buildings but the enthusiasm of the new students pursuing their educational dreams......"


Visit by Karatu District Education Officer



GONGALI MODEL'S Partnership with Primary Schools For Africa (PSFA) is growing strong and very useful! (Click here) to see our current endeavors!

The partnership will be for construction, operation, and sustainability of PSFA initiatives in Gongali.

Why PSFA is Focusing in Gongali Village?

The Gongali Village has a population of 7,000 people - with few primary schools BUT no secondary school, let alone high school. Children have to travel nearly 20 Km everyday to attend school. The village is also surrounded by the similar "REMOTE" villages which also benefit from this initiative. The schools built by PSFA benefit ALL categories of the community members.

..............END OF REPORT..............

Donations from the Hanyang University, South Korea

Hanyang University has recently donated omputers to be used at the Gongali Primary School (23 Computers) and another Primary School in Gongali, called Kinihhe Primary School (15 Computers). This is an ongoing project and we request for more donations to provide at least 100 Computers to each of our four primary schools in Gongali. These four schools have nearly 2000 pupils. YOU CAN MAKE IMPACT TO NEW GENERATION if you invest to this precious young generation of Africans. Contact us if you have passion for this adventure!

Innovation Fund

We fund children's innovative activites in Academics, Research, Art and Sports...partner with us or connect us with potential sponsor(s) for these kinds of activities more for details and contact us...

Current Education News

Based on internet search.

Tragedy of our time: Completing primary education as an illiterate!

Status of School Education in Present Tanzania

Post-Basic Education and Poverty in Tanzania


The grand opening took place on 5 December. The top government leaders were ALL present. In fact the Member of Parliament, Mr Israel Natse was the guest of honor. Others were the District Executive Director, Mr Moses Mabula, the District Council Chairman Mr.Lazaro Tito, District Education officer Mr.Benard and MANY others, indicating the significance of this project. This is a phase 1 composed of 4 classrooms, and administration building and a modern toilet building.

Regarding the project's process, this phase one is only the start. The village and local government have so much to do. The erosion gully was one major problem and a local work crew managed to fill it in nicely, but much remains; landscaping, planting, electricity and water supply, and the problem of registration of the school without the required laboratory facilities. Everyone is very optimistic though, and willing to work hard to ensure success.


This project is a POWERFUL demostration of the Gongali Model principle of bridging our partners and the community. Consider this extract (Click here) from one of our partners, Mr.Alan Roy of Primary Schools for Africa as reported on his website - BUT first,

BEHOLD! How Many Partners were INVOLVED!

From how many countries?

Doing what?


Alay Roy says, "The good news about water though, is that the Korean connections of Askwar Hilonga and his Gongali Model Co. have funded the drilling of a borehole about a kilometer downhill from the school site. It will take a lot more funds, however, to get the water up to a new water tank. Our Director Mark Burrowes, a local Victoria mechanical engineer, has agreed to design the pump system for it. A little anxious about their ability, I met with all parties at the site to ensure they do their part and fortunately it seems they are very motivated. Mayor Peter Hayshi had some village funds, so he decided to have the community get into the spirit by building a teacher residence to start".

project development will eventually include classrooms, laboratories, a kitchen/dining hall, an administration block, a library, dormitories and teacher residences and will provide 6 levels of education, Form 1 to 6. Secondary School, Form 1 to Form 4, has general courses of Mathematics, English, History, Civics, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Kiswahili and Agriculture. High School, Form 5, 6 specializes in the science courses of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Agriculture, with emphasis on laboratory work.

.............END OF PROGRESS REPORT......Aug.2014............


Through the generous support of Anthony GVORA for the memorial of his wife Edith the Gongali Community has received a generous support for the construction of the high school. The school will commence by January 2015. THIS IS A BLESSED HOPE FULFILLED!

The picture above shows the community effort fueled by the GONGALI MODEL even before the sponsor appeared. The community's effort will continue because the sponsor is just supporting about 10% of the whole project.

Partneship with E3Empower: From 27th Oct. 2013


Gongali Primary School

Where Askwar Hilonga attended his 7 Yrs Primary Education

In Gongali Village there are FOUR Primary schools and NO secondary school. We are now building a secondary school which will be a MODEL Community-owned school in Tanzania. You can SUPPORT us to fulfill this GIANT VISION

Gongali High School

........... PROPOSAL - GONGALI HIGH SCHOOL ........... MAP-GONGALI HIGH SCHOOL-PPT ........... Brochure of Gongali School - PPT ........... AZIMIO LA ARUSHA-Related to GONGALI MODEL


IT WAS LIKE A DREAM: It was like a dream BUT the secret was simple! Working with elites to empower the local community! This gives Ruth Elineema Lukwaro an opportunity to tell Obama that YES, WE CAN change Africa through the bottom-up method developed, promoted, and implemented by GONGALI MODEL.

Some of those projects that are really moved the judges include empowering community to focus on their own development without rellaying on foreign aid. GONGALI MODEL's effort to spearhead penetration of appropriate technologies such as Renewable Energy (Lanterns, Biogas, etc) to rural areas was highly appreciate by the panelists.

GONGALI MODEL, a social enterprise established in 2012, provides sustainable energy solutions and services to under-served households and businesses. It was conceived in an effort to dispel three myths associated with sustainable technology and the rural sector as a target customer base:

1) Poor people cannot afford sustainable technologies;

2) Poor people cannot maintain sustainable technologies;

3) Social ventures cannot be run as commercial entities.

GONGALI MODEL aims to empower its customer by providing a complete package of product, service and consumer financing through grameena banks, cooperative societies, commercial banks and micro-finance institutions. Key features:

***Creating products based on end user needs: going beyond just being a technology supplier but customizing our products based on individual needs.

***Installation and after-sales service: dedicating regional energy service centers to ensure prompt maintenance and service.

***Standardized financing packages: creating channels for end users to afford systems based on their cash flow


Mrs. Ruth Elineema Lukwaro, B.Com (UDSM), MBA (Korea): She has oustanding experience after working with FINCA Tanzania, St. John's University of Tanzania, and in various entities in South Korea for FOUR Years


Dr. Askwar Hilonga, Ph.D (South Korea): Lecturer at Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology in Arusha:



GONGALI MODEL is an integrated solar solutions provider and a diverse range of products. We design and develop an assorted range of solar products to regulate and conserve energy- in residential, commercial and industrial environments. Our vision is to transform the lives and livelihoods by making solar energy accessible to the poorest of the poor. We provide access to clean; affordable energy that will meet the basic energy needs of the majority who are in dire need is a matter of reducing poverty, meeting developmental challenges and facilitating inclusive growth. Customized solar solutions are made to illuminate homes, streets and communities; for residential and commercial applications. We design the products to last long and serve a variety of purposes. Through Off-grid solar products such as

* Solar street light

* Solar DC home lighting systems

* solar chargers

We touch people's lives in a number of ways. Our products are cost-effective. This plays an important role, especially in rural areas where our solar home lighting systems are used. Families have also become more productive with the increased number of working hours - which leads to better income generation. With our solutions, women can comfortably perform household chores and children can study at night. Kindly let us know the products you are interested in. Please send your valued inquiry. We have included the solar products catalogue for reference. Thanking you and assuring for our best services and co-operation. Regards, Ruth Elineema Lukwaro


P.O.Box 459, Arusha, Tanzania

TEL : +255684586633/+255764574919




NOTE! This is a MOVEMENT!!! We are looking for VOLUNTEERS from ANYWHERE around the World who believe in our approach and are willing to support our movement in ANY possible way. You may even decide to come and live in Gongali (WE WILL PROVIDE FREE ACCOMODATION) for a short or long term and serve as a volunteer to any of our activities as described in this website (We have four Government Primary Schools that have computers - donated by Hanyang University, South Korea - but NO computer teachers, construction of Secondary School, Microcredit Bank - GCM Bank, Water and sanitation services - supported by Korean Presbyterian Church, Health promotion and other spiritual welfare supported by the SDA Church,etc). Note that this website is still young (you may volunteer to improve it also) and we are adding more content to clarify our MOVEMENT. Please contact us if you are interested to any of our activities. Under our movement, we are determined to establish twenty (20) MODEL COMMUNITIES in Tanzania to demonstrate how poverty can be eradicated in Africa by 2025. Our second MODEL Community will be in Maasai Land (KARAO); the third ...........suggest! Open your heart and JOIN US by ANY possible means. WE NEED YOU!.