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Sometimes it is hard to directly start INVESTING in a foreign country: We can make your choices a bit easier by first visiting us just as a Tourist or Volunteer, as demonstrated in our previous experience

(58) Lekha and Colleagues - MBA Students from USA, 21st March 2018

Hello, My name is Lekha Ragavendran and I'm an MBA student at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. I am a part of a class that is going to be in Tanzania from March 21-22nd to speak with technology-enabled social enterprises. We would love the opportunity to meet with Gongali while we are there. Please let us know if you would be interested in meeting with us and sharing information about the organization and business model.

Response by Dr. Askwar Hilonga (via YES, indeed! We have been hosting many students from the U.S and UK (Babson College, Philadelphia, Cardiff, etc ) KARIBUNI SANA, Lekha

Dear Askwar, Thank you for your willingness to meet with us. Let us finalize 14:00 – 15:00 on March 21st for a discussion if that still works for you. We would like to discuss the following questions and any other information you would like to share:

1. How does Gongali ensure both a social and financial return through its business model and impact model?

2. What are the obstacles faced as Gongali has grown/scaled and how have you overcome them?

3. How does Gongali measures its impact within the community? What does success look like?

4. What are your future initiatives and growth priorities?

5. What are the ‘lessons learned’ in developing and growing this business?

Can you share the office location for my team to meet you?

(57) PHILOS, iTEC and E3Empower officials visiting Gongali Model in Njiro Arusha, Tanzania, Nov.2017

We are glad that our partnership with U.S and Korean Companies, E3Empower, iTEC, and PHILOS is getting stronger and stronger. PHILOS is the manufacturer of the membrane filters that are used in Nanofilter, branded as WellSpring Filter. This quarter PHILOS, iTEC, and E3Empower officials have visited Gongali Model in Njiro Arusha (consider the above photo) and have promised to facilitate the scale-up of Nanofilter Project. For example, by finding customers for Tetra-Nanofilter (the big Nanofilter), discount price for membrane filter, and overall partnership for win-win.

Moreover, we have developed a Double-Nanofilter (with a filtration rate of 20 litres per hour - Single-Nanofilter has a rate of 10 Litres per hour) and the Tetra-Nanofilter (with a filtration rate of 40 litres per hour) - Suitable for Schools and big institutions. The Tetra-Nanofilter is relatively advanced because it has its own regulating valves - thus it can be used manually or connected directly to a water source and refills automatically as the water levels resides. It is already in the market - the first unit is sold at Tsh.2,000,000 (~$900) to a school in Kilimanjaro Region; Have several orders from schools and companies like E3Empower. This initiative is highly encouraged by iTEC at NM-AIST and PHILOS (Korean Company), a company that fabricate membrane filters (WellSpring Filters) that are used in Nanofilter. PHILOS is willing to re-consider the price of membrane filters (WellSpring Filters) to cut down the overall price of Nanofilter; to make it affordable even to the poorest of the poor in rural Africa.

(56) Students and their Professors from Babson College, U.S (2015 - 2017)

These are among hundreds of visitors to our company and water kiosks (beneficiary community) The visitors had various objectives - like the ones described through an eloquent email written by Prof. Cheryl to Dr. Hilonga From Prof. Kirschner, Cheryl: Babson College, U.S: "I proposed a new course designed to teach students entrepreneurship in the context of doing business in Tanzania. The course was approved by our curriculum committee, so I am planning to bring a group of 20 to 25 students to Arusha. I am thrilled to have this opportunity and I believe our students will gain an incredible amount of knowledge, experience. I have been thinking a lot about the kinds of teaching materials I'd like to use in the course, and it occurs to me that your business, Gongali Model Company, would make an excellent basis for a business case. We at Babson use business cases often, especially in our graduate classes, as a way to facilitate student's analysis of a real-life situation from a variety of perspectives. I would interview you and use material from your comments, website and other sources (like data on water usage problems in Tanzania) to write up a case of about 5 pages or so. Maybe we could include some video, too. I would also write a lengthy teaching note to assist instructors. The case would describe challenges facing the business and would conclude with a question about how to best plan and strategize to enable Gongali to grow. Students could then be assigned to discuss the business and present their ideas. If you like, I could capture some of the best ideas and send them along to you. If successful, the case and teaching note could ultimately be published, but that's in the future."

(45 - 55) Visitors from France and several other countries, 2017

We received many visitors from France after they heard of us through France TV. Many of them are donating filters to needy people - some of them come physically and donate Nanofilters

Askwar Hilonga, ingénieur chimiste, a inventé un outil révolutionnaire : un filtre à base de nanoparticules qui pourrait permettre aux familles tanzaniennes de purifier l’eau. Son atout : sa capacité à s'adapter aux problèmes spécifiques de chaque région (virus, bactéries, métaux lourds ou pesticides). Dans ce pays l'eau potable est un bien précieux et rare, puisque 70 % de la population n'y a pas accès:

(44) Experts from Germany, 2017

We received three visitors from Germany

(43) Yawchanan Israel - Public Health (MPH Holder) Professional from the U.S.A, Feb/March 2017

Yawchanan (middle in the photo - with African traditional dress) supported us for many years through GlobalGiving. Now he decided to visit us "physically" in Tanzania and was impressed by what we do. Beside his professional inputs as a public health professional, Yawchanan also promised to continue supporting our innitiatives to make IMPACT to millions of underserved community in Africa.

(42) Two Volunteers from the U.S.A, Nov.2016

We received two (2) volunteers who helped to empower our team. They were from the U.S.A (George and Jonathan Parker - The white guys in the below photo). Consider the photo of the certificate of appreciation that one of them put on his facebook – this is another strong marketing for our product to attract potential partners/supporters.

Photo: Certificate of appreciation awarded to volunteers - posted on facebook of Askwar Hilonga (please kindly visit us online and see what I mean)

(41) Mr. Hein from Germany (4th from left) visiting Tanzania - Supported the establishment of the Nanofilter Laboratory, 2016

The Germany volunteer, Mr. Hubert Hein, supported by Senior Expert Service (SES) is an expert in water quality testing laboratories - and here is his contribution to our project:

1. Mr. Hein installed all our new laboratory equipment – he did it together with our local team

2. He trained our laboratory technician, Mr. Jackson Eliezer

3. He evaluated the performance of Mr. Jackson through hands-on Laboratory activities

4. He listed other equipment and chemicals/reagents that we must buy to complete our Lab

5. He promised to support us from Germany, as it may be necessary

Mr. Hein did most of the activity while he was still in Germany. So, frankly speaking, he just came to wind-up his mission. We were so much humbled to realize that. After finishing the above activities he suggested not to put us into extra costs for his food and accommodation – he decided to leave few days earlier that it was planned. We respect him for such wise decision, because we could not tell from our side (we Tanzanians are very polite and “reserved”), though we were economically challenged (we have some financial challenges at this moment). Thanks that the SES staff in Bonn responded in fraction of seconds – this was another big surprise to me! Please enjoy some photos of Mr. Hubert Hein in ACTION!

(17 - 40) Visitors, journalists (so many), volunteers, partners, potential investors, donors, etc (both local and international)

.......................... details available at request; eg. Intern students from the University of Dar es Salaam, Nelson Mandela, University of Arusha, IAA, etc.

(16) Prof.Venkatesh and his Team, Purdue, North America: 10th Jan 2015

They brought 100 components of integrated filter for Hilonga's endeavor to test his business model for Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation....and beyond!

(15) New Life Church, North America:July 2014

They donated 100 Bibles to Mariado High School, Water filters to Schools, Evangelism, Etc. They were 22.

(14) E3Empower, North America: Feb 2014

They were very friendly. Trained us and university interns.......visited schools, community center, etc. At last they donated 800 W Solar Power with its accessories for the Gongali Community Center. So how much did we receive from their single visit?

(13) Alan Roy - Primary Schools for Africa, Canada:

After successfully climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro, he decided to climb Education Mountain! Together with other schools he built in several places, in Gongali alone he built a primary school (Aslni) and a High School (Edith Gvora High School).

(12) Prof.Chad - Purdue, North America:

He donated water filter for the Gongali Community Center. Became our friend and has bigger future plans with us.

(11) Prof.Shah - IIT-Bombay, India:

He inspired young Tanzanian elites studying at NM-AIST. Took them to the field to see the real life in typical Tanzania village - Gongali.

(10) Kimberly - Global Sustainable Partnership, North America:

Was moved by divestating waterborne diseases and decided to invest in hydraids for purification of drinking water for schools.

(9) CSDI, Tanzania:

Mentors for our Biogas Project until Dec.2014.

(8) Hanyang-Korea Professors: Dec 2010

They loved me. They visited my village, my home - beside Tourism and Volunteerism.

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