Community Tourism

INVESTMENT, TOURISM & VOLUNTEER: WELCOME for INVESTMENT! You may just start as a Tourist/Volunteer..!

Sometimes it is hard to directly start INVESTING in a foreign country: We can make your choices a bit easier by first visiting us just as a Tourist or Volunteer, as demonstrated in our previous experience

(16) Prof.Venkatesh and his Team, Purdue, North America: 10th Jan 2015

They brought 100 components of integrated filter for Hilonga's endeavor to test his business model for Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation....and beyond!

(15) New Life Church, North America:July 2014

They donated 100 Bibles to Mariado High School, Water filters to Schools, Evangelism, Etc. They were 22.

(14) E3Empower, North America: Feb 2014

They were very friendly. Trained us and university interns.......visited schools, community center, etc. At last they donated 800 W Solar Power with its accessories for the Gongali Community Center. So how much did we receive from their single visit?

(13) Alan Roy - Primary Schools for Africa, Canada:

After successfully climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro, he decided to climb Education Mountain! Together with other schools he built in several places, in Gongali alone he built a primary school (Aslni) and a High School (Edith Gvora High School).

(12) Prof.Chad - Purdue, North America:

He donated water filter for the Gongali Community Center. Became our friend and has bigger future plans with us.

(11) Prof.Shah - IIT-Bombay, India:

He inspired young Tanzanian elites studying at NM-AIST. Took them to the field to see the real life in typical Tanzania village - Gongali.

(10) Kimberly - Global Sustainable Partnership, North America:

Was moved by divestating waterborne diseases and decided to invest in hydraids for purification of drinking water for schools.

(9) CSDI, Tanzania:

Mentors for our Biogas Project until Dec.2014.

(8) Hanyang-Korea Professors: Dec 2010

They loved me. They visited my village, my home - beside Tourism and Volunteerism.

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GONGALI MODEL is registered by the Government of Tanzania; so we are entitled to invite volunteers from abroad and even receive donations from any country around the world. Let us hear more from you about how you want to support us: by one or more of the following ways (i) write a project proposal in the area of your expertise. When you get fund you can come to Tanzania (using the project fund) and implement the project in Tanzania (ii) help to improve our website and raise funds in various places around the world - make us popular wherever you go! (iii) visit Tanzania and volunteer - at your own cost (iv) donate money or anything else according to how much you are blessed. Please give you views and ideas!



We are looking for VOLUNTEERS from ANYWHERE around the World who believe in our approach and are willing to support ANY of our PROGRAMS and/or RESEARCH in ANY possible way. You may even decide to come and live in Tanzania for some weeks. Please contact us if you are interested to any of our activities. Open your heart and SUPPORT US by ANY possible means. WE NEED YOU!.