we're gender-sensitive; women are given equal priority...........and our CEO is a lady;..........ruthelineema@gmail.com


I had an imagination of the previous networking conferences I attended, BUT Slush proved to be different. So many people but all aiming at something similar, very focused audience with well organized programs in a way that you get what you want. It is one of the best networking meetings I ever attended. It was so motivating exchanging ideas with fellow startups; you speak same language and related challenges with different ways of solving the challenges. Meeting with Investors, partners and agencies who really have a heart to work with startups! People who value your work as a startups, a lot of Congratulations for a good job, it added my fuel and am very much motivated. The challenges are a stepping stone for me now. I would encourage startups, if you are looking for something to get you from where you are to another step in any angle- Slush is the event to attend! I loved it! Please utilize the opportunities very well! Work on all information you receive from the organizing committee. Book your meetings earlier-it is very important. I will always cherish the memories of my Slush experience.


Tanzania at Slush: "We have a lifesaving product"

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Ruth Elineema Lukwaro is the co-founder of Gongali Model Company. She started the company with her husband who holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering. The company's purpose is to turn local innovations into profit-making social enterprises. Ruth wants to use her education to benefit rural Tanzania and the youth. Both Ruth and her husband grew up in remote Tanzanian villages. For their higher education, the couple moved to South Korea to study. That is where the idea of the company sparked. "We started thinking what we are bringing home from South Korea. If with my Masters in Business Management I cannot start a business that benefits the struggling communities, then who do we expect to bring change?" Ruth explains. "And for my husband, if with all the publications he has, if none can solve the challenges of our own real problems, we should never expect Africa to rise", she continues.

The couple returned to Tanzania with their two children in 2012. The biggest problems they faced were contaminated water and the lack of electricity. As their first step, they started selling solar lanterns. In May 2015, Gongali Model Company was registered. One of the most successful innovations of the company is an integrated water filtration system. It removes all types of contaminants and can filter 10 litres in one hour. Filters are vended to local entrepreneurs who then well the safe water to the villagers. The price of the water is one tenth of the commercial alternative.

To engage university students and graduates, Gongali Model Company offers them communications stipends to engage with the local entrepreneurs. The purpose is to get the students to interact with the local community and make them think of their way to help the communities. At Slush Ruth wishes to meet other social entrepreneurs, especially those working with clean water and youth empowerment to network and learn from them. Ruth is also in search for partner: "There is potential in Africa. We have a lifesaving product and we want to reach as many people as possible. Welcome, let's do it together!"

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It was such a beautiful and golden opportunity for the CEO of Gongali Model to hug with Michelle Obama, the first lady of the United States of America. For us this is both an appreciation for our previous success and a BOOST for brighter future! TRULY, WE WILL NOT LET DOWN SUCH A TRUST THAT IS PUT UPON US!


Ruth was awarded certificate for successfully completing YALI Training. Now she is ready for the next step.

Now, she has an access to YALI's GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES: Networking, further training, mentoring, grants, etc

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The Director of GONGALI MODEL is selected to represent Tanzania in Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) to be held in USA from 14th June to 31st July in USA. This is Present Baraka Obama's initiative to EMPOWER Young Africans for Africa. GONGALI MODEL's Director passed a very fierce competetion by standing with ideas and tangible outcomes that are the core mission and vision of GONGALI MODEL. Thanks to all who made our vision and mission a reality!

What should be expected

YALI promised training, networking with potential partners/investors and future mentoring. This is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for GONGALI MODEL to grow to the next stage

Working with the Local Community WHILE empowering the young Tanzania elites (College and University students and graduates) is the unique competitiveness of GONGALI MODEL.

The Vice President of The General Conference of The SDA Church, Pastor G.G. Mbwana

He inaugurated the first building under the GONGALI MODEL and encouraged the Gongali Community to implement its BIG VISION. In the video you may also notice something about the current environmental condition of Gongali! GEO & the "WHOLE" Gongali Community, SDA Church, Tanzanian Local Government, Institutions, and other organizations will jointly participate to INTERVENE the environmental degradation in Gongali. At present you can see the dusty grounds and the "nakedness" all over!!!

You or your institution can be our next PARTNER

You can JOIN us to be our PARTNER if you (and/or your institution) are interested to work with us in one way or another

Opening Ceremony of Edith Gvora High School-Gongali

At his turn to speak, Engineer Alan Roy explained the reason for the name Edith Gvora: "You may be wondering so let me tell the story of how we chose the name of the school. Edith Gvora is the wife of Mr Tony Gvora from Victoria, Canada. She passed away one year ago. Mr. Gvora wanted to show not only his deep love for his wife Edith but his appreciation of her life of humanitarian work, so the result is this wonderful school named in memory of her. Next year you may be able to meet Mr. Gvora when he comes to visit a class in progress. And we know that he will be very impressed not only with the quality of these buildings but the enthusiasm of the new students pursuing their educational dreams......"


Visit by Karatu District Education Officer



GONGALI MODEL'S Partnership with Primary Schools For Africa (PSFA) is growing strong and very useful! (Click here) to see our current endeavors!

The partnership will be for construction, operation, and sustainability of PSFA initiatives in Gongali.

Why PSFA is Focusing in Gongali Village?

The Gongali Village has a population of 7,000 people - with few primary schools BUT no secondary school, let alone high school. Children have to travel nearly 20 Km everyday to attend school. The village is also surrounded by the similar "REMOTE" villages which also benefit from this initiative. The schools built by PSFA benefit ALL categories of the community members.

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Donations from the Hanyang University, South Korea

Hanyang University has recently donated omputers to be used at the Gongali Primary School (23 Computers) and another Primary School in Gongali, called Kinihhe Primary School (15 Computers). This is an ongoing project and we request for more donations to provide at least 100 Computers to each of our four primary schools in Gongali. These four schools have nearly 2000 pupils. YOU CAN MAKE IMPACT TO NEW GENERATION if you invest to this precious young generation of Africans. Contact us if you have passion for this adventure!

Innovation Fund

We fund children's innovative activites in Academics, Research, Art and Sports...partner with us or connect us with potential sponsor(s) for these kinds of activities ...........read more for details and contact us...

Current Education News

Based on internet search.

Tragedy of our time: Completing primary education as an illiterate!

Status of School Education in Present Tanzania

Post-Basic Education and Poverty in Tanzania

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NOTE! This is a MOVEMENT!!! We are looking for VOLUNTEERS from ANYWHERE around the World who believe in our approach and are willing to support our movement in ANY possible way. You may even decide to come and live in Gongali (WE WILL PROVIDE FREE ACCOMODATION) for a short or long term and serve as a volunteer to any of our activities as described in this website (We have four Government Primary Schools that have computers - donated by Hanyang University, South Korea - but NO computer teachers, construction of Secondary School, Microcredit Bank - GCM Bank, Water and sanitation services - supported by Korean Presbyterian Church, Health promotion and other spiritual welfare supported by the SDA Church,etc). Note that this website is still young (you may volunteer to improve it also) and we are adding more content to clarify our MOVEMENT. Please contact us if you are interested to any of our activities. Under our movement, we are determined to establish twenty (20) MODEL COMMUNITIES in Tanzania to demonstrate how poverty can be eradicated in Africa by 2025. Our second MODEL Community will be in Maasai Land (KARAO); the third ...........suggest! Open your heart and JOIN US by ANY possible means. WE NEED YOU!.