Clean and Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation (WASH):

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Millionaire - IMPACTING Millions of lives!

We save lives with clean & safe water

We can partner ....for IMPACT:

Innovator-Dr.Hilonga is determined to be a Millionaire in terms of MILLIONS of LIVES!..NOT Money

Partner to scale-up his IMPACT - Clean safe water; At present 100,000 people benefited; 400 Households; 60 Institutions; above 200 jobs


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Nanofilter Stations DATA

Nanofilter Stations DATA

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Interested? Feel FREE to contact us:; +255764574919 or Ruth: +255684586633

We invite Customers and/or Partners for Clean and Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation (WASH); Nanofilter, Biogas, Solar Lanterns for kids

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